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Assalamu ‘alaikum,

OK ladies, let’s talk fashion. Has anyone been out to the stores lately? Is anyone else really disturbed by the new trends? In my area, there seems to be a really bad case of pregnant-cropped-babydoll meets 80’s flashy, gaudy ick. While out shopping for jackets the other day I found — I kid you not, I swear — a denim (dark wash) cropped (to the ribcage) babydoll/empire waist, double-breasted, belted jacket with elbow-length bell (yes, bell!!) sleeves and a Peter Pan collar. I mean, who buys this stuff? Who wears it? And don’t get me going on the bright or metallic bags. Or the bright rolled-short-sleeve jackets that have the boxiest, most masculine cuts? I thought we all (including the fashion industry) learned a thing or two from the 80’s. At least I was hoping. *sigh* And I could go on all day about all the babydoll everything — sweaters, cardigans, shirts, blouses — is there any store carrying plain ol’ blouses these days? You know, with those magical things called buttons?

And at least in my area there is a severe shortage of normal spring jackets. I take that back. There is a shortage of any spring jackets, period. I’ve even seen very few windbreakers. What are people supposed to do? I was looking for what I thought would be an easy find — a simple safari-type (single or double breasted) belted spring jacket/trench light enough that it could also be used as a suit jacket. Well I didn’t find any trenches, period. Or raincoats, or car coats or anything. How disappointing.

You see, fellas, this is why women must spend so much time shopping. In order to build a decent wardrobe, she has to dig and hunt and paw through all of the garbage the fashion industry packs the stores with to find the normal stuff. When she finds it, she must hope that it fits, that the color is right, that it is well made and of good quality, and then finally make sure that it’s a reasonable price. Men have it so easy. The shirts, jackets, pants, etc. basically all have the same cut. They just have to make sure that the measurements are right and they like the color. There is not all this trendy, gaudy, silly nonsense. Give us a break!



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